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Useful free tool to save a list of all files and folders on your CDs and HDDs
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CD Offline is a free and extremely useful tool that allows you to keep a full catalog of all the files and folders present on your CDs and hard disc drives. The catalog is fully searchable, which will let you locate a specific file or folder without inserting and browsing through all your archival CDs and drives. The information retrieved can be exported into an HTML file easily.

If you happen to have a reasonable amount of archival CDs or hard drives packed up with files organized in complex folder structures, you will find CD Offline a very useful and convenient tool. What it does is saving a searchable record of all those files and folders complete with the disc and drive they belong to, which you can then search for and retrieve offline. CD Offline will create a database of all the discs and drives you have cataloged, as well as of all the files stored in them. Its searching capabilities will then let you look for the specific file or set of files that fit your criteria. You can be as accurate as you wish - you can type in the exact name of the file or folder you are looking for, or set a specific size. However, you may also want to locate all the files that carry a specific extension or those that fit a certain description. Whatever your needs are, CD Offline is flexible enough to help you find the desired disc or drive in seconds.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Allows you to keep a searchable catalog of both your discs and drives


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